Intelligent HVAC solutions for commercial & industrial clients since 1994.

Shawsheen Air Services, Inc. provides a wide range of services to assist its clients with efficient management of HVAC and mechanical infrastructure. 

Today’s HVAC and control systems are more complex and critical than ever before. Energy costs are increasing and proper management of HVAC and mechanical infrastructure is critical to providing a functional, safe and comfortable facility. Enlisting the services of a true facilities partner is the best way to manage these inter-related systems.

Our Commercial HVAC Services Include:

Our focus is on keeping your facilities running at maximum efficiency.  To accomplish this, we combine industry-leading knowledge and experience with dedication to understanding each client's unique circumstances and goals. Our mission is to provide maximum value to our clients with services designed for:

Energy savings and reduced operating cost.

  • Enhancing equipment function and lifespan through intelligent maintenance.

  • Leveraging utility incentive programs to fund plant upgrades where possible.

  • Providing expert advice regarding repair or replacement decisions.

From the initial operational assessment through ongoing planned maintenance programs, Shawsheen Air Services, Inc. maximizes the efficiency and reliability of critical HVAC equipment to deliver the greatest return on investment.