Improve Building Efficiency With Energy Optimization 

Energy Efficiency through Innovative Energy Solutions

Shawsheen Air Services, Inc. provides comprehensive services to manage and reduce energy consumption and at your facility. Pairing the latest in energy technologies with our experienced team, we can maximize the efficiency of your current operation and develop a long-term plan to reduction.

The objective of any the ESS Program is to maximize the value of your real estate asset by reducing both energy costs and consumption. The program is a seamless integration with maintenance programs, giving clients a streamlined and cost-effective approach for energy savings.

Energy Sustainability Services 3-Step Program

As part of the program, an assigned Certified Energy Manager works closely with your management team to complete the following three steps:


The first step in our program is to identify and understand the existing design and  operation of your property. We then review the function and energy use for critical infrastructure components. This analysis creates a baseline to benchmark your current energy consumption.


Using detailed information from the utility audit, we identify no-cost/low-cost savings opportunities to maximize the efficiency of existing technical systems. These operational and maintenance recommendations ensure systems are operating at peak conditions without requiring capital investment. 


Once your equipment and systems are restored to peak efficiency, SAS, Inc. will provide capital recommendations or options to further reduce utility expenses. These options include a true financial return on investment model, allowing you to prioritize and make the most informed business decision for your facility. This information is reviewed with your management team to identify cost variances and potential savings opportunities.  

Applications of advanced technologies have proven to produce as much as 50% savings with a return on investment of as little as 2-3 years.