Intelligent HVAC Solutions Since 1994

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  • Shawsheen Air Services, Inc. Specializes in:
  • Commercial Office Environments
  • Energy Services Projects / Utility Rebate Administration
  • Medical facilities
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing facilities
  • Indoor Agriculture Facilities
  • Clean Rooms
  • Data Centers
  • Machining and General Manufacturing facilites
  • Religious & Learning Institutions
  • Building automation
  • Energy management
  • Green Building Services

Shawsheen Air Services, Inc.

Intelligent HVAC solutions for commercial & industrial clients since 1994.

SAS, Inc. partners with commercial/industrial clients to achieve highly reliable and energy efficient operation of critical mechanical systems. We succeed by working with the highest levels of honesty, integrity and technical competency. We have developed a team of exceptional people that take pride in providing a superior service product to our clients. We aren’t a contractor, we’re a team of industry professionals operating as extension of your facilities management team!

It is the mission of Shawsheen Air Services, Inc. to provide a professional service to our clients that far exceeds that available from our competition. In doing so, we will become a true business partner, providing a service critical to their daily operation.

What does partnership mean to SAS, Inc, and why is it so important? 

Webster defines partnership as an arrangement between two parties that agree to cooperate in a symbiotic relationship. We view partnership with our clients as follows:

  1. The development of long term relationships, based upon mutual trust and respect.
  2. Two parties working together to achieve the common goal of reliable, safe and efficient operation of critical equipment.
  3. A strategic alliance that recognizes and respects the needs of both parties.
  4. A relationship where every recommendation starts with the question, “what would we do if this were our equipment”.

When you work with SAS, Inc., you are not merely a customer. You are a ‘client’ under the care and protection of an industry expert.  Does that sound like the relationship you enjoy with your current HVAC provider? If not, perhaps it is time for a change.