Commercial HVAC Services

Commercial facilities have different needs than residential and small office facilities. The environments are often more critical and the HVAC equipment is generally larger and more complex. Shawsheen Air Services, Inc. has been excelling in the large commercial business sector since 1994. Regardless of application, our goal is always the same; provide expert management of HVAC assets to maximize value and function for our clients. 

In addition to critical Preventive Maintenance and Emergency Repair Services, we partner with our clients to provide services that exceed those offered by most in our industry, such as;

  • Operational & Retrocommissioning Assessments

  • Lifecycle Analysis

  • Energy Optimization

  • Utility Incentive Planning and Administration

  • Design/Build Services

Enhanced services like these are amongst the ways we differentiate ourselves and redefine what it means to be your HVAC vendor. We are not merely a contractor. We are a partner, acting as an extension of your facilities management team! Learn more.