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We take great pride the long and fruitful relationships that we have forged with our client-partners over the past 20+ years. These relationships define who we are as an organization. In an industry not dominated by professionalism, integrity and credibility,  we stand out as an exception. Our goal is to partner with clients over very long periods of time, such the we share a trusted advisory relationship. In order for that philosophy to be successful, we must consider the long term implications of every design and every recommendation we make, for we will experience the results along with them!

We invite you to hear from our client-partners in the testimonials below and via personal reference. They are truly the best measure of the work we do every day. If you are considering whether our methodology could work for your organization, please don’t hesitate to contact our office so that we can place you in touch with clients operating in your specific business application.


UntitledShawsheen Air Services, Inc. have been independently audited and proudly approved for workplace safety by Avetta (formerly known as PICS) which has served as a leading provider of risk management solutions globally to align business practices.

Here are some of the nice things our clients have been saying about us:

SAS has been Arbor’s first choice for HVAC projects and maintenance at Arbor Networks for the past 7 years. They have the responsibility of maintaining our data centers around the clock. We have had little to no breakdowns under their watch.   In the few occasions that we have had an emergency, SAS has answered the call in a timely manner. SAS just completed installing 4 new rooftop units and had a flawless start up. The service and installation crews at SAS provide top notch service. I am glad to have them on board servicing our building’s needs.
~Paul Peterson, Facilities Manager, Arbor Networks

Hiring Shawsheen Air Services, Incorporated to maintain our HVAC related equipment is a decision I am very pleased we made almost 20 years ago.

Unfortunately when SAS first came to our facility which is a 300,000 square foot distribution and corporate office facility they were introduced to an HVAC system which needed quite a bit of attention with control issues, balancing issues and a handful of other problems due to a less than professional installation.

We are as thrilled today with the professionalism of Tim Duggan, (SAS president) and the SAS service team as we were when they brought our troubled system under control years ago.

Since then SAS converted our old Honeywell Excel 5000 automation system to a web-based, Johnson Metasys Platform which provides us with more levels of flexibility, functionality, and a system with a stronger support network in this area. They have provided us with very knowledgeable service technicians to perform the preventive maintenance service on all our equipment, installation of new CRAC units to handle our server room needs as the company grew, updated/installed new high bay warehouse heating units which are more efficient, etc., the list goes on!

SAS has always been very efficient/prompt in handling emergency service calls.

I would also like to mention that during the planning stages of these projects and services provided by Tim and his team they have always taken into consideration the impact the project may have on our employees and have taken the time to really do their homework to be sure they “value engineer” the projects to offer CBD the best pricing possible.
~Mark Ouellette, Facility Manager, Christian Book Distributors, Peabody, MA

I believe a vendor has to possess a strong work ethic, sense of responsibility, emphasis on quality, discipline, professionalism, and sense of teamwork. These attributes are vital to a company achieving its goals and every employee, from the CEO to entry-level workers, must have them to keep the company functioning at its peak performance.  Shawsheen Air Services, Inc. is this vendor!  Shawsheen Air is a vendor with integrity that fosters trusting relationships with their clients. I have always valued their ability to give me honest feedback and trust them to provide professional sound advice.A strong sense of responsibility affects how Shawsheen Air Services, Inc. works and the amount of work they do. They never do only the bare minimum, or just enough to keep us up and running. They consistently go above and beyond with their strong work ethic as the quality of work shows in each and every job/task they perform.It takes a certain level of commitment to finish projects on time and they are a disciplined vendor that stays focused on goals and is determined to complete assignments in a timely manner. They continuously show a high level of knowledge and dedication to the clients they serve.You will not find a vendor that is more professional, honest or has more integrity than Shawsheen Air Services, Inc. I have a partnership with them that grows stronger each year. They keep my mechanical operations running both effectively and efficiently at all times and are available 24/7 every day of the year.My trust in them has always been rewarded with success and them exceeding all expectations!
~Donna Lemire, Facilities Manager
Shawsheen Air has been providing HVAC services to several of our key tenants for the past seven years.  All of their office and field personnel have been a pleasure to work with.  I continuously get positive feedback from our tenants for the responsiveness, knowledge and professionalism they exhibit. I would recommend Shawsheen to anyone that needs their mission critical HVAC equipment maintained or replaced in a timely and efficient manner.   
~Rich Gray, Director of Facilities, Combined Properties
Running a synagogue has many challenges that go well beyond the maintenance of a 50,000 sq ft facility! However the thought of having 2000 people uncomfortable due to the climate in the building is a nightmare I would avoid at any cost!! Imagine being at a wedding with no air-conditioning!! You be the one to tell the bride or even worse, her mother!!  Working with Shawsheen Air Services, Inc. took away any sleepless nights I may have had worrying about our HVAC systems. Not only is their technical staff totally competent and knowledgeable about our equipment, but they show up when they say they will, perform the work that we needed them to and yes, even saved us in cost by offering alternatives when making repairs. Who would believe it!! They do what they are paid to do…what a concept in this world of incompetency!!The staff at Shawsheen Air is as professional and pleasant as they are competent. Our staff enjoys working with them and we never need to check up on what they are doing or how long it is taking.I pride myself on building a team of which I can depend on and not have to concern myself with holding them accountable…I only wish all the members of my team fit this as well as Shawsheen Air does.~Bob Krentzman, Chief Executive Officer, Congregation Shirat Hayam
SAS, Inc. has provided exceptional service to our extensive office portfolio through various stages of new installations, repairs or trouble shooting mechanical abnormalities. Over the last 20 years they have continuously aligned with our project goals, provided professionalism and attention to detail, and completed the job with little assistance from us.I would recommend SAS, Inc. without hesitation; they have extensive experience in cooling towers, air handlers, and full heating system replacements. Our portfolio consists of nearly 500,000 SQFT and SAS, Inc. as kept us sufficiently modernized within a reasonable budget to maximize on the energy efficiencies needed in today’s competitive cost environment.
~Chip Orcutt, Director of Facilities, Monument Square Realty – Concord, MA