HVAC Equipment and Controls Replacement, Service & Maintenance

SAS, Inc. partners with building owners and facilities engineers to achieve optimal reliability and energy efficiency of critical mechanical systems. We build confidence and trust with our clients over many years of partnership by operating with very high levels of integrity and technical competency. We foster goodwill by developing the best employees our industry has to offer. Simply put, We are an exceptional team working to provide a superior service product every single day. 

We have expertise on a wide range of HVAC applications:

  • Clean Rooms
  • Data Centers
  • Digital Control Systems
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Laboratories
  • Critical Environments
  • Corporate Office Environments
  • Chilled Water Applications
  • Energy Management Services

We are known for our prompt response to customer calls. We do everything we can to exceed customer expectations. Our scheduling and dispatch is second to none. We make our service technicians extremely accessible by integrating cell phones, laptops with remote communication, electronic dispatching, radio pagers and answering services in order to provide round the clock accessibility. We hold ourselves accountable by not being satisfied until our customers are satisfied – no matter how large or small the issue.


Shawsheen Air Services, Inc., (SAS, Inc.) provide a wide range of services to assist its customers with efficient management of all facets of mechanical needs. Services include, but are not limited to, those listed below. Other specialized requirements can be easily addressed by contacting a member of the SAS, Inc. Team.

Project/Construction Management

Over the course of the past several years, we have made associations representing all of the mechanical trades. These associations allow us to provide turnkey project management services to our customers. If a project requires roofing to accommodate a new HVAC design, we can include that as part of service package. Is electrical a problem? Plumbing? Custom metal fabrication? Do you have a sensitive piece of equipment that must be relocated as part of a project? All of these services can be handled with the care and detail that our mechanical services are provided with each day.

We are also called upon to provide consulting services to our customers. We maintain in-house expertise and/or third party consulting relationships in the areas of clean room testing, design, and operational protocol, energy management and rebate utility processing, indoor air quality testing, mechanical design, field engineering, etc. Providing this wide variety of services to our clients is just another way that we act as a business partner to our clients not just another contractor.

Service Agreements

Whether you have critical HVAC applications or simple comfort conditioning systems, you probably recognize the need to have a plan in place that allows for the reliable operation of this equipment. After all, it is operating out of sight, out of mind, each and every day. It will not continue to do so for long without regular service and maintenance.

In response to this, we have developed a series of programs that allow you to select exactly the level of services you need, as you need them. Do you require monthly filter maintenance for your clean rooms and labs? Add it to your maintenance agreement. Do you require a guaranteed 2-hour response time for certain items on your equipment list? No problem, we’ll add that as well. Do you only require minimum maintenance to keep your equipment operating properly? We have a program that provides exactly that.

By providing you with a palette of choices instead of just a bottom line, you can examine exactly what services you are paying for. This is quite a departure from the standard offerings of our competitors. Additionally, our maintenance and service agreements are available for terms ranging from one to five years. The longer the term of the agreement, the greater the savings you realize by locking in at today’s labor and materials rates.

We have gone a long way to provide a series of agreements that provide a win/win situation for our clients. So far the response to this approach has been overwhelming. Its just another way we help you to make intelligent, informed decisions about your mechanical systems and the service they require.

Design/Build Services

Recent years have seen an increase in the design/build approach to project management. Not only does this approach save time and money by eliminating much of the architectural and engineering costs, it allows you the flexibility to change the scope and detail of your project as the situation demands. Sound too good to be true? It’s not – as long as you are working with a professional organization that can manage the details of your mechanical project with precision.

With more than 100 years of practical application experience, our staff can handle the most demanding of your mechanical applications. We have recently designed and installed systems for industrial cooling applications, clean rooms, bio-skills laboratories, critical temperature and humidity process environments and more. All of these projects were delivered on time, on budget and more importantly, the systems have performed flawlessly. If you have a project that requires flexibility, precision management and creative application of technology to make it a success, Shawsheen Air Services, Inc., is an excellent choice.