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Customized Maintenance Programs Improve Performance and Reduce Energy & Repair Costs

Our custom maintenance programs are designed by our service team to optimize reliability and efficiency of your critical HVAC systems and mechanical infrastructure. The information gathered during our site visits is utilized to perform lifecycle analysis, enabling our clients to make intelligent and informed decisions regarding the repair and/or replacement of their equipment.

We invite you to contact us to discover how we can partner to optimize the function of your equipment, while also managing annual operating, repair and energy utilization expenses.

Did You Know?

The Facts About Power Consumption

Over 40% of the energy consumption in a typical commercial building is attributed to its HVAC systems.

(US Department of Energy)



National Grid of Massachusetts has committed $900 million over the next three years to fund HVAC energy projects for its commercial

Various HVAC equipment management approaches being implemented in commercial buildings:

  • 55% – Reactive (Service only when required)
  • 31% – Preventative (Minimal maintenance performed)
  • 14% – Predictive/Reliability Centered Management

(2000 US D.O.E. Study)

Cost of various HVAC equipment management approaches:

  • Reactive – $18/hp/year
  • Preventative – $13/hp/year
  • Predictive/Reliability Centered Management- $9/hp/year

(2000 US D.O.E. Study)

Barriers to proper management of HVAC Equipment and Systems

  • Elevated HVAC operating costs can be are largely “invisible”
  • Budget pressures have lead client to adopt a short-term cost control philosophy
  • Lack of expertise and credibility of HVAC service provider
  • Benefits of proper equipment management are not fully conveyed